We believe that success in software development is all about INERTIA.


A properly functioning software team is like an engine: many moving parts working in beautiful synchronicity.  But the smallest problem can easily cause the entire system to shut down.  Once momentum is lost, it becomes increasingly more difficult to pick up again.  

Let us provide the force necessary to get back on track, and to get your organization's engine humming again.


Our Pricing Model


Our service rates fluctuate based upon the type of engagement, and length of time.  The longer you book, the cheaper we are! 

info@inertialconsulting.com .

Consultant Services

$150 an hour

Staff Augmentation

$50-120 AN HOUR DOE


Managed Offshore

$25 - $35 an hour

Brian Kitchener
Founder - Consultant




Brian has a strong passion for software testing that drives everything he does.  With over 15 years experience, he has the experience to help solve the most difficult challenges.  Brian has founded and led multiple QA departments, and specializes in open source functional automation tools like Selenium.  Brian has spoken at numerous conferences in both software development and QA, and is the designer and primary maintainer of the Golem open source automation framework.  

LinkedIn Profile


STARWEST 2015 - Advanced Tricks With Selenium

Android Developer Conference (May 2014) : Automating Android Apps with Appium

Denver Startup Week (Sep 2013) : Understanding Mobile User Happiness

StarWest (Oct 2012) : Engineering an Enterprise Selenium Framework

SQuAD (March 2011) : Automating with Selenium and Page Objects

SQuAD (November 2010) : Selecting Open Source Tools