Ongoing Projects


Golem was created to simplify the process of creating enterprise-scale automated testing suites. It wraps around Gallio/MbUnit and a number of automation tools (such as Selenium-WebDriver) to provide the tester with a simple process for creating automated tests no matter what the tool. The inclusion of advanced features, diagnostic information, easy configuration, and enhanced API's helps Golem make automating in code-based automation tools much more practical. A standard test structure is enforced throughout the Golem framework to make the code readable and easy to reuse.


  • Web, Mobile, Desktop, And REST support
  • Object oriented design
  • Multi-threaded test execution
  • Advanced Logging
  • Screenshots
  • Video Recordings
  • HTTP Traffic / Validations
  • Fluent API
  • GRID / SauceLabs 


Solanum provides a Selenium Webdriver style api and framework for the EggPlant Functional automation tool.  IT provides an easily and clean way to build reusable image-based automation tests that work on mobile devices.